Average monthly cost of Nursing Home in PA $10,700

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The vast majority of the American Middle Class either has no estate planning or inadequate estate planning. This is a result of poor advice and a lack of understanding of the available options. The best way to protect your assets is to leave instructions on what and who may have access to them and when in the event you are incapacitated or suddenly pass. You can protect yourself against creditors, predators and the nursing home by acting now!


The Estate Planning Process

Free Counseling Session

Meet with an ATTORNEY who will review with you what the best plan is to protect the most assets and counsel you on what can and cannot be accomplished. Fee is quoted, most often a flat fee.

Design Meeting

A second meeting where we answer any remaining questions, choose decisions makers like power of attorneys, executors and trustees and ensure that you understand everything about your documents. If you are not happy, we re-design until you are.

Signing Meeting

We will meet a third time to sign your documents. Documents NEVER have a maintenance fee and no ongoing commitments other than the ones you choose. You have ownership of your documents and understand how they work and what will hapen when and if you are incapacitated or pass. No more uncertainty, just what you want, who you want and where you want.

What Is A Great Estate Plan?

A great estate plan is one that you understand, can explain the benefits of to your beneficiaries, that you know will work to protect not only your beneficiaries, but also you during your life in the event that the unexpected happens. It should contemplate where you are today, where you could be tomorrow and where each of your beneficiaries are most likely to be. It should not be a static document, but capable of changing with you and your desires. It should clearly state who is in charge, when they are in charge and what they are in charge of and it should involve the courts as little as possible. The best estate plan is one that works for you and that you helped design, collaboratively, with an attorney who can and will enforce it.


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My family did a trust through him. Excellent service and very thorough.


I went to [Ben] for a family trust and I'm very impressed with the detail and substance of the document. Also, followup questions and changes were very prompt and detailed as well. Its a very good feeling having all the details covered and the ability to have any questions answered in a very professional prompt manner.

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